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Post  Eddie on Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:51 pm

Rules are rules. These rules are not made to be broken. If you break them you will face consequences.

1. We do not tolerate rudeness, insult, personal attacks, or flame posts.
2. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads. Spaming and advertising without permission are not allowed.
3. Do not post illegal material. This does include warez, cracks, keygens, malicious software, viruses, and just abut anything related to piracy. Please also note that most of this forum's members are below the legal age of viewing adult materials.
4. Respect mods and admins.
5. Please keep your avatars and signatures relatively small. That means to not make it bulge to the point that it wrecks the look of the forum.
6. Only register 1 account per person.
7. Please talk in English.
8. Post according to the appropriate posting style (likely stickied at the top of that forum).

These rules are general. Do not try to find a sneaky twist on the wording to attempt an illegal action.

Overall, anything that is immoral according to common sense will not be tolerated.


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